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USPS Releases Strategic Plan

Reduced post office hours, longer delivery windows, and increased postage prices are all part of the United States Postal Service’s 10-year Plan, which it released on March 23, 2021. The plan, “Delivering for America,” was devised by postal leadership to cut down on the Postal Service’s financial losses. The plan also looks to increase the Postal Service’s share in the package delivery market while slowing the delivery of first-class mail by having it carried almost exclusively by trucks rather than airplanes.

The comprehensive plan includes a combination of investments in technology, training, Post Offices and a new vehicle fleet; modernizing the Postal Service’s processing network; adopting best-in-class logistics practices across delivery and transportation operations; creating new revenue-generating offerings in the rapidly expanding e-commerce marketplace and pricing changes as authorized by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

To view the full plan, click here.

To view the Plan-at-a-Glance, click here.


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