Impact of Coronavirus in Mainland China and Hong Kong

The Universal Postal Union has provided the following messages from the posts of mainland China (China Post) and Hong Kong (Hongkong Post) regarding steps they are taking to limit the spread of the coronavirus and the impact on delivery of mail. See below for the two messages. Re: Mainland China Emergency Information System Message Message n° 10/2020 28 January 2020 à 17h30(CET) The designated operator of China (People’s Rep.), China Post, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, in order to prevent the risk of further transmission and spreading of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), China Post has been instructed by the Chinese government to disinfe

U.S. Government Report on Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans has issued “Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods,” a report that uses available data, public input, and other information to present an illustration of how e-commerce platforms, online third-party marketplaces, and other third-party intermediaries facilitate the importation and sale of counterfeit and pirated goods. The report also identifies appropriate administrative, statutory, regulatory, and other actions, including enhanced enforcement measures, modernization of legal and liability frameworks, and best practices for private sector stakeholders. To access the report, click here.

Leaders in Logistics Conference Set for June 23-24

The Leaders in Logistics: Post and Parcel North America conference (formerly known as PostalVision 2020) is scheduled for June 23 and 24 in Washington, DC. This event brings together stakeholders from the American delivery market and beyond, from traditional couriers, USPS and start-ups, to large-scale integrators and solution providers. Visit their website to learn more. More than 40 expert speakers will discuss the development of new technologies, major advancements in the last mile, opportunities to meet customer demands in e-commerce, and more. Further information can be found on the conference website (click here). IMAG is a media partner of the conference; IMAG members receive a 10-per

U.S. Postal Rates Rise on January 26

The U.S. Postal Service will implement a price change effective January 26, 2020, which will affect all mail classes and special services. These changes are summarized in a USPS Fact Sheet (click here). More detailed information can be found in this suite of January 2020 Releases (click here).

One World Express and Whistl to Partner on Service into UK

IMAG member One World Express will partner with Whistl to offer Insight, a semi-tracked postal service from 220 countries into the UK, according to a press release the two companies issued. Under the agreement, ecommerce importers will be able to print one label for an individual item in the country of origin and track it through the various transit stages, including customs clearance. When Whistl receives the item in the UK it will be processed in the network and handed to Royal Mail for delivery to the end consumer. Further details are available in the press release. Click here to read.

Brazilian Customs Authority: Tax ID Required on International Orders and Shipments

As of January 1, 2020, the Brazilian Custom Authority requires that all international orders and consignments have an identification of the recipient's CPF / CNPJ / Passport Number in order to initiate customs clearance on international orders and shipments. This information should be provided at the time of online purchase and forwarded along with the order. If it is not informed at purchase nor by the sender on the shipment, then Brazilian Post has developed a tool for customers to provide the tax ID via “Track and Trace” or “My Imports” options on its website. Failure to provide this information may allow importations to be banned, returned, or destroyed in cases where return is not poss

Norway: Changes Affecting Low-value Goods Imported into the Country

The government of Norway recently announced changes to the assessment of Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs duties/taxes/fees on low value goods imported into the country effective in 2020. (Low value is defined as below 3000 Norwegian Kroner, which is approximately US$339.00). Under the new regulations, the exemption of VAT and customs duties/taxes/fees for low value goods sent from foreign sellers to consumers in Norway (de minimus threshold) is being eliminated in two stages, set for January 1 and April 1. The intent is to charge VAT on all goods, regardless of value, but to no longer charge customs duties/taxes/fees on low value items. Previously, goods from abroad were not assessed if

Australian Bushfires Take Toll on Deliveries

The following update, via the Universal Postal Union, describes the impact of Australian fires on mail collection and delivery. Emergency Information System Message Message n° 2/2020 9 January 2020 à 11h30 (CET) Further to EmIS 156/2019, the designated operator of Australia, Australia Post, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that a severe weather event, resulting in bushfires in regional areas of Australia, is impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products to postcode areas 2250-2263; 2323-2430; 2440; 2443; 2446; 2469; 2471; 2500-2653; 2721-2730; 2753-2795; 2848; 2900-2914; 3700-3741; 3865; 3909; 4570; 4650; 4670; 4674; 4676; 5115-5117;

PMG Brennan to Delay Retirement

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan has agreed to delay her retirement date in order to facilitate the search and transition process, the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service announced today. Brennan had earlier announced her intention to retire effective January 31, 2020. To read the Board of Governors statement, click here.

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