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Brazil Certifies More Companies in Remessa Conforme

Another handful of companies have been certified in Brazil’s Remessa Conforme program, the voluntary ecommerce compliance program meant to standardize and simplify cross-border ecommerce shipments into Brazil.

Receita Federal, which is similar to the Internal Revenue Service in the United States, approved the following four companies on May 10: Xipron Inc. (Tiendamia); Shenzhen Yiminghui Import and Export (3Clicks); Cronos Commercio; and A2A Negocios LTDA (Supply Club). And Temu and Life One were certified on today (May 20).

You can see all the certified companies on the Ministry of Finance site, which includes the approved carriers and intermediaries, but updates sometimes lag by a few days. You can also search for updates on the Receita Standards website, which is updated daily with Executive Declaratory Acts.

Remessa Conforme, introduced in August 2023, exempts from federal import taxes purchases of up to USD $50 made on international ecommerce sites or through local marketplaces that permit cross-border sales. The program also expedites the customs clearance process by requiring data in advance of arrival. It attempts to level the playing field between postal and commercial entry by having the same standards for both channels.


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