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Ukraine Airspace Restricted

Ukraine's designated postal operator, Ukrposhta, informed the Universal Postal Union that due to Russia's military actions, martial law has been declared in Ukraine and the country's airspace is temporarily restricted for civilian air transportation. The Postal Service is working with Ukraine to set up transit mail through a neighboring country. In the meantime, mail to Ukraine will be impacted and unlikely to move from USPS until a transit arrangement is established.

Ukrposhta reports it has already made arrangements with the designated operators of Latvia, Poland and Slovakia for the exchange of international postal items sent to or from Ukraine through their respective offices of exchange located close to the Ukrainian border. "Ukrposhta therefore requests that the designated operators of other Union member countries send any postal items addressed to Ukraine to Latvia, Poland or Slovakia. Ukrposhta will then collect these postal items using its own vehicles.

Finally, for the above force majeure reasons, other Union member countries and their designated operators should note that international postal transit through Ukrainian territory has been suspended until further notice. "


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