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Canada Post Facility Closes Shift

Canada Post's Gateway East processing facility in the Greater Toronto Area has been hit hard by an outbreak of COVID-19, forcing a temporary closure of one shift at the plant. Processing and shipping delays have occurred with trucks carrying U.S. mail to Canada backed up and awaiting processing at facilities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. CPC has diverted all US-Toronto Highway services inbound to Montreal, and made other operational changes to keep mail moving. News reports indicate that one worker at the Mississauga plant --one of Canada Post's largest -- has died. The recent surge in coronavirus cases in Canada prompted the Prime Minister to impose stricter travel restrictions, with several airlines halting service to "sun" destinations, such as the Caribbean. In addition, international flights will only be allowed to land in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto, and all travelers will be required to take a PCR Covid test upon arrival.


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