Presidential Memo Regarding UPU, Terminal Dues and Advance Electronic Data

U.S. President Donald Trump issued a memorandum on August 23 to the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Postmaster General and Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission on issues related to the international postal system. The memorandum, titled “Modernizing the Monetary Reimbursement Model for the Delivery of Goods Through the International Postal System and Enhancing the Security and Safety of International Mail,” focuses on terminal dues, advance electronic data, and UPU reform. The Secretary of State is required to submit a report to President Trump by November 1, 2018 that summarizes steps being taken to implement the memorandum, noting that

Flood Situation in Kerala, India

India's Department of Posts, via UPU on August 21, reports disruptions in service, as described below: The designated operator of India, the Department of Posts, asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that Kerala state has now been suffering severe flooding for a considerable time. Operations at Kochi International Airport are suspended until 26 August 2018. Thereafter, the flood situation will be reassessed, to determine whether airport operations can resume. The Kochi office of exchange is unable to function normally owing to disruption of mail movements to and from the airport, as well as around the city and state. Therefore, mails should be made up for the off

Bridge Collapse in Italy Affects Deliveries

The following message from Poste Italiane, via International Post Corporation, provides information on the impact of the recent bridge collapse in Genoa on post delivery. Poste Italiane (IT) wishes to share the following update on impacted areas, caused by the motorway collapse : August 14th: Outbound – internal flows from post offices directed to Lonate Gateway blocked in the Savona, Imperia and Genoa districts. Affected postcodes: from 16010 to 18100. Outbound – internal ExportBox flows from SDA branch in Genoa directed to Lonate Gateway blocked. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151. Inbound – undelivered flows in area directly impacted by the accident. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.

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