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Shopify Releases Annual Ecommerce Report

The pandemic’s lockdowns, travel bans, and retail closures drove large growth in ecommerce in 2020, as detailed in Shopify’s “The Future of Ecommerce Report 2021.” Shopify’s annual report analyzes the global ecommerce trends of the past year, and among the main findings in the report were the following:

· A 90-day period during the COVID-19 pandemic saw a 10-year growth in ecommerce penetration

· Ecommerce sales worldwide increased by 16.5%. Shopify expects ecommerce growth to decelerate in the United States in 2021, and for growth to be faster in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East

· The United States was the leader in cross-border ecommerce in 2020, but China saw the most growth, moving from fourth pre-pandemic up to second during the pandemic

· Over 40% of consumers in China, Australia, and the United States reported that they are more likely to buy products from a company with a reputation for being environmentally responsible

To read more about Shopify’s report and its findings, click here.


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