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IPC’s Snapshot of E-commerce Shoppers

The International Postal Corporation (IPC) conducted its annual Cross-Border E-commerce Shopper Survey, receiving responses from over 33,000 consumers in 40 countries across the globe. The survey results provide valuable feedback on the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on consumer purchasing habits, with implications for e-tailers and shippers. The main findings of the survey were as follows:

· The pandemic led to an increase in online shopping, as 51% of consumers bought more from domestic e-retailers and 33% bought more from foreign e-retailers due to COVID-19.

· China’s share of cross-border e-commerce decreased

· There was a significant increase in the weight and value of cross-border e-commerce purchases in 2020

· Delivery in 1-3 days increased in 2020

· Customer satisfaction was measured in six categories (delivery cost, delivery location, tracking, delivery speed, customs and returns), with satisfaction lowest for delivery speed and highest for delivery location and delivery cost

To read more about the IPC’s survey and its findings, click here.


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