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IMAG Members Stay Informed

IMAG members get regular newsletters, memos, infographics, and emails on issues that matter to their businesses. Our monthly IMAG Insights newsletter provides timely information on topics important to the cross-border market. Among the topics covered in the March issue are the Postal Regulatory Commission's ruling that directs the USPS to unseal its International Inbound Packets rates; the UPU's exploration of opening more widely to the private sector; and a closer look at Customs issues that are impacting the ecommerce market and its supply chain.

Keeping members informed is among the many benefits of IMAG membership. Networking is another key benefit. We hold quarterly member meetings, webinars on a range of topics, and engage members via timely topical calls. Visit our members page to see a list of current IMAG members and then email us for more information on joining.

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