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PRC Remands Requested Price Adjustments

The Postal Regulatory Commission has issued an order that remands price adjustments for first-class mail. This comes in response to the U.S. Postal Service’s October 9, 2019 filing of planned price adjustments and related mail classification changes for market dominant products. “As currently proposed,” the PRC order stated, “prices for First-Class Mail do not comply with certain statutory and regulatory requirements and are therefore remanded to the Postal Service for further action. The order goes on to state “In recognition of the Postal Service’s pricing authority, the Commission remands all planned price adjustments to First-Class Mail to allow the Postal Service to modify its proposal to comply with the applicable legal standards. The Commission also identifies and corrects other technical issues that the Postal Service should maintain in its revised supporting documentation. Because this Order requires the Postal Service to submit amended prices for First-Class Mail, the Commission reserves disposition of issues not addressed in this Order, including comments, for the final order that will review the Postal Service’s revised First-Class Mail pricing proposal.”

To read the full text of the order, click here.

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