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UPU Takes a Look at Its Resiliency

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) will face a test to its resiliency should the United States withdraw from the 192-member organization later this year. UPU issued a memo on April 5 "to provide further clarity on the meaning of this critical development, evaluating the capacity of the UPU to withstand the test and devising potential avenues for the transformation needed."

The document presents the following items:

  • information on the footprint of the United States in the global economy, the postal sector and the UPU;

  • an assessment of the short-to-medium term impact of the withdrawal on the UPU, the United

  • States and other member countries;

  • the main scenarios for the long term;

  • indications on what could be done to enable the UPU to prevent and/or mitigate the withdrawal of a member country; and

  • suggestions for next steps.

To read the memo, click here.

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