Welcome to IMAG

Our core mission is to address barriers to the efficient flow of information and goods across borders for companies utilizing postal services.  IMAG was founded in 1997 and, since then, has become the premier representative of the U.S. international mailing sector. IMAG represents a diverse community of marketers, vendors and international mailing organizations.

IMAG welcomes you, and invites you to learn more about us by exploring our website. We hope you’ll consider joining us and participating in our many initiatives.

Read about Returns

IMAG Executive Director Kate Muth writes in The Postal Industry about why e-tailers need to meet customers' expectations for returns. Click here.

Worth a Listen

IMAG Executive Director Kate Muth talks about WILDS (Women in International Logistics and Delivery Services) on the Postal Hub podcast.
Click here to listen
Kate's interview begins at the 17:20 marker.
For IMAG membership information, contact  IMAG.crossborder@gmail.com.
MTAC meets on August 22-23 and December 5-6.