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USPS To Raise Rates on Competitive Products

The Postal SErvice filed its competitive products rate change with the Postal Regulatory Commission on November 10, with the new rates set to take effect January 22, 2023, assuming PRC approval. Most international products are competitive products, and nearly all the products used by IMAG members are in this category. Below are the international product highlights.

International expedited services include Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) and Priority Mail Express lnternational (PMEI). Overall, GXG prices will rise by 4.9 percent, and PMEI will be subject to an overall 6.0 percent increase. Commercial Plus prices will be equivalent to Commercial Base.

Priority Mail International

The overall increase for Priority Mail lnternational (PMl) will be 6.0 percent. Commercial Plus prices will be equivalent to Commercial Base.

lnternational Priority Airmail and International Surface Air Lift

Published prices for lnternational Priority Airmail (lPA) and lnternational Surface Air Lift (ISAL) will increase by 3.5 percent and 12.0 percent, respectively.

Airmail M-Bags

The published prices for Airmail M-Bags will increase by 6.4 percent.

First-Class Package lnternational Service

The overall increase for First-Class Package lnternational Service (FCPIS) prices will be 6.5 percent. Commercial Plus prices will be equivalent to Commercial Base.

lnternational Ancillary Services and Special Services

Prices for several international ancillary services will be increased, with an overall increase of 12.2 percent.

Proposed classification changes in the filing:

  • For Priority Mail Express lnternational, weight-rated items tendered at retail counters will no longer be offered at prices equivalent to Priority Mail lnternational for certain destinations and weight steps subject to certain requirements and conditions.

  • The zoned prices based on origin ZIP Code for Priority Mail lnternational destined to Canada will be collapsed into a single country group for Priority Mail lnternational to Canada, and the related fee for the lnternational Service Center (lSC) zone chart for Priority Mail lnternational pieces destined to Canada will be eliminated.

The Postal Service provides additional resources to assist customers regarding the price changes. These tools include price lists, downloadable price files and Federal Register Notices. This information will be available on the Postal Service’s Postal Explorer website on Wednesday November 16, 2022.

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