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Consultative Committee Restructures

The Universal Postal Union's Consultative Committee (CC) will move forward as a reorganized entity with new Rules of Procedure on July 1, at which time individual companies will be allowed to join as members. The Council of Administration adopted the new rules and the new internal organization of the CC at the Council of Administration (CA) plenary session on May 20.

A few late tweaks to the CC restructuring proposal positively addressed an initial concern of IMAG and other current CC members around number of participants allowed at meetings. The CC Chair confirmed there will be no restrictions on the participation of current CC members, which are now made up of non-government associations. The rules in the UPU Convention do not allow the CC to limit how many representatives from an association member may participate, other than for logistical reasons as set by the CA or Postal Operations Council. Associations will not be limited in how many of their members can attend and represent the association at UPU meetings.

More information on this topic is available in IMAG Insights, the monthly newsletter for IMAG members. Reach out for more information on membership.


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