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PMG Modifies USPS Org Structure

PMG Louis DeJoy announced a realignment of the Postal Service organizational structure. See press release below with link to new executive leadership team; an updated org chart is attached. Updating association executives on a recent COVID Communications call, Steve Monteith, Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, explained that the changes organize USPS around three business lines:

  • Retail and Delivery Operations headed by Kristin Seaver

  • Logistics and Processing Operations headed by David Williams

  • Commerce and Business Solutions (to focus on growth opportunities) headed by Jakki Strako

DeJoy also announced the appointment of Scott Bombaugh as acting Chief Technology Officer, Steve Monteith as acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, and Pritha Mehra as acting Chief Information Officer. For the complete executive leadership team, please see

The Postal Service's Global Business team continues to report up to the Chief Marketing Officer.

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