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Strike in Finland

Per the announcement below via IPC, the Finnish postal workers union (PAU) has announced a strike to take place from November 11 to 24, 2019.

Issue type: OPS

Date of report: 07th November 2019

Update: EER No 63

Reported by: Posti Ltd (FI)

Issue details:

The Finnish Postal workers union (PAU) has announced a strike, which takes place 11.- 24.11.2019.

Also some transport trade unions have announced to support for strike.

Aviation trade union (IAU) support measures would target at mail handling at the airport.

Therefore, we have to declare an embargo, both for inbound and outbound airmail.

The Office of Exchange will not be able to operate during the strike period. This information applies to letter, EMS and parcel mail.

Mail deliveries injected by road are working, but might be delayed

We will keep you updated of any changes of the situation.

Posti Ltd wishes to apologize to all Member Posts for the inconvenience caused.

Further information

Updates will also be published at

International Post Corporation

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