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IPC Examines the Cross-Border Ecommerce Shopper

The International Postal Corporation has released its "Cross-Border Ecommerce Shopper Survey 2018," and the public report gives retailers, shippers, and others a snapshot of e-shoppers behavior and expectations. The survey findings draw on responses from 33,500 individuals in 41 markets.

Among the key findings are the following:

  • At the overall level, China accounted for 38 percent of the most recent cross-border purchases, followed by the United States (15 percent), the UK (10 percent) and Germany (9 percent).

  • Amazon, Alibaba/AliExpress, eBay and Wish accounted for 64 percent of the most recent cross-border e-commerce items purchased.

  • The post accounted for 71 percent of most recent cross-border deliveries.

  • When asked what one thing the post should do to improve cross-border delivery, 32 percent chose faster cross-border delivery. (This despite the fact that 18 percent of consumers received their last cross-border delivery within three days and 48 percent within a week.) Respondents expressed interest in carbon-neutral delivery: 48 percent either agree or strongly agree that they would like carbon-neutral delivery.

  • The total level of cross-border returns was 8 percent.

Click here to access the public report, which provides further details.

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