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UPS Takes the Pulse of the Online Shopper

(First posted on June 23, 2017)

StartFragmentUPS has begun to roll out the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper 2017, with volume one of the five-volume study focusing on U.S. shoppers. This volume, Digital Evolution, states that online shoppers in the United States are making more purchases from international retailers, using mobile devices to make more of their purchases, and relying more on international marketplaces. UPS researchers describe a new crop of online shoppers. These shoppers have honed their online shopping skills so that they can search for the best prices from every corner of the world. The comfort level for shopping via mobile devices has increased over the last two years. This extends to research as well as purchases: product research using a smartphone was up three points over the last two years, with 76 percent of millennials using their smartphones for product research. UPS surveys show that 38 percent of U.S. online shoppers begin their product searches at an online marketplace, and 29 percent of online shoppers start their search at Amazon. To download the report, click here.EndFragment

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