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UPU Extraordinary Congress, held September 24-25, 2019

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October 2019

"Option V for Victory"

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Facts & Figures

June 2019

"5 Things to Know

about the UPU

Extraordinary Congress"

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Facts & Figures

April 2019

"At the Universal

Postal Union, What

Happens Next?"

Facts & Figures

February 2019

"Universal Postal

Union: End of the

Line for Terminal Dues?"

Documents from the UPU Extraordinary Congress

UPU Extraodinary Congress

On September 25, the Universal Postal Union passed by acclamation a compromise remuneration reform package, Option V.

This section of IMAG's website provides information on the process that led up to the passage of Option V and details on the outcome of the Extraordinary Congress, some of which is provided in the form of IMAG's "Facts & Figures" infographics.



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