International Bonded Couriers Plans Chicago Express Consignment Clearance Facility

International Bonded Couriers, Inc. (IBC) plans to open a new Express Consignment Clearance Facility (ECCF) at Chicago’s O’Hare (ORD) airport, adding to the ECCFs it currently operates in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. These facilities enable efficient, duty-free import of ecommerce parcels and other time sensitive shipments. Having multiple ports of entry allows shippers to strategically route their parcels for the lowest cost, final mile delivery. Further details can be found in the press release.

McKinsey Global Institute on China’s Digitization

A report from the McKinsey Global Institute takes an in-depth look at the forces driving digitization in China. Digital China: Powering the Economy to Global Competitiveness “assesses the strengths of China’s digital system, the degree of digitization of industries, and the scope for value shift and creation.” Ecommerce is a major piece of China’s digitization: as the McKinsey report indicates, China accounts for more than 40 percent of the value of worldwide ecommerce transactions. That growth came at a fast clip; a decade ago, McKinsey points out, China’s ecommerce stacked up to only 1 percent of the global market. “China also has become a major global force in mobile payments with 11 time

Final Rule on USPS Price Changes

The Postal Service published a final rule in the Dec. 5 Federal Register on Mailing Services and Price Changes for International Mailing Services tied to the annual price adjustment that takes effect January 21, 2018. The PRC approved the price adjustments and product changes in a November ruling, and this final rule formally sets the effective date and provides the product changes to the International Mail Manual, conforming to the requirements of the Universal Postal Convention limiting the contents of First-Class Mail International postcard, letter, and large envelope (flat) mail to personal correspondence and non-dutiable documents. These also will accordingly be posted in the January 21

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